of Directors

POABC Board of Directors

  • President: Allan Blyt, CPO(c)
  • Vice-President: Jarrod Tucker, CO(c) (1 year term)
  • Secretary: Gord Dillon, Associate
  • Treasurer: Cornelis Beek, CP(c)
  • Director At Large: Andrew Hoy, CP(c)
  • Director At Large: Lori Hampson, CPO(c)
  • Director At Large: Vincent Heneault, CO(c)

The current term of the executive starts on October 2018.


Board of Director Roles


  • presides at meetings, maintains order and keeps the meeting moving
  • prepares the agenda and adheres to it by accepting only discussion on the topic from the floor
  • starts and adjourns meetings on time
  • knows the rules of meeting procedure (including parliamentary procedure)
  • is aware of the priority of business items and schedules them appropriately
  • is prepared to represent the organization
  • avoids giving own opinion when in the chair – but is prepared to summarize and accept the wishes of the meeting
  • delegates responsibility and authority


  • learns the duties of the President and fulfills that role when the President is absent
  • assists the President whenever possible


  • handles all correspondence of the organization as a whole
  • keeps a record of the meetings and has them approved at the next meeting
  • presents a summary of correspondence ( the full correspondence being on hand for reference)
  • is prepared to make recommendations as to actions, through familiarity with papers, correspondence, etc.


  • receives all moneys due and issues receipts when required
  • informs the meeting of bills paid, expenses and receipts – especially identifying large sums
  • prepares financial statements where required