President’s Report

Dear Members,

2022 was a great year of moving forward for POABC in being able to meet our patient’s complex needs. Thank you very much to all of our amazing volunteers on both the BOD and across all committees for making these things happen:

POABC has had many successes over the past year. 

Highlights of the last year include:

  1. BOD secured grant funding (approx. $8000.00) from Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC)  to pursue government/public relations initiatives.
  2. New PharmaCare benefit: orthotic inserts for healed diabetic foot ulcers

  1. MSDPR acknowledging Pharmacare Hourly rate
  2. At Home Program Improvements
  3. Satellite offices are able to be added to the POABC website for Facility Group Members
  4. Establishing an Adult Orthotic Pilot Project Working Group. A call out was made to all POABC members interested in being a member of this group. 
    1. Approved members of this team are: Lisa Bennett, James Tarrant, Kevin Branter, Pauline Adams, Travis Findlayson, Adreinne Linder,

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. POABC President – Currently the BOD is sharing the President duties across several executive members,  however this role would be best done by 1 person. If you feel you can step up for this role please contact anybody on the BOD for next steps. 
  2. Advocacy Committee – This committee is tasked with growing POABC exposure to other Allied Health Professionals primarily through attending their National/Provincial conferences. This committee is at a stand still until a few more members join. 

Government Relations Lobbying Efforts

The Bluestone Government Relations group, including Mark Jiles and Rob Nagai, have assisted in setting up meetings with MSDPR, Pharmacare, WSBC and FNHA . With continued funding though OPC grants received we are looking forward to another year of service improvements for our patients. 

Facility Group Updates

This group is a group of facility owners and managers that can lend advice to POABC by interacting with the PPPR committee. Based on the recent communications survey it reaffirmed that people are not happy with the structure of the Facility Group, fees and operations. This group is in need of consistent meetings and a full review of its purpose to decide how it should look in the future years. 

POABC resumes grant funding for  BCIT Students 

This year’s BCIT student class trip will be to Nashville to attend the 

49th Academy Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium

If anybody else is interested in contributing to advancing their education:

Make cheques payable to: Prosthetics and Orthotics Students Association

Mail to: 31 – 8868 16th Avenue Burnaby, BC V3N 5A6


We hope the students have a great experience and are looking forward to their presentation at our POABC Town Hall meeting at the end of May.  

Thank You

The POABC Board welcomed 3 new Directors at Large board members in September. We are very happy to have Carl Ganzert, Kevin Branter, and Aaron Tucker to the BOD and welcome their unique and thoughtful ideas to help advance POABC over the next few years. 


Respectfully submitted,

Vincent Heneault,  CO(c)

POABC Vice President


Deanna Hines CP(c)

POABC Secretary