President’s Report

POABC President’s Report January 2021

Dear Members,

Welcome to the New Year! It has been approximately four months with my transition to President of POABC which has been a learning curve in itself. Thank you to the Board, Committee Members and general Membership for your support and understanding as I try my very best to serve you and your patients. Please read on for a few updates since Fall 2020.

Covid-19 Update

At the very least, the year 2020 held many of its own challenges for our colleagues, patients and communities. Of course, we met these challenges with innovation and open-mindedness; however, it is important that the prosthetic and orthotic profession continue to support each other as Covid-19 remains present everywhere in British Columbia.

POABC continues to communicate with OPC regarding coronavirus news and best practices. Regional jurisdictions may have different rules and regulations, so please refer to those.

In regards to vaccinations, the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) has released a statement commenting on ideal priority for us as healthcare workers.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Facility Group

POABC has completed the task of reviewing, revising and approving the MOU – Version 2. This is a document that engages Facilities to come together, provide dialogue, raise concerns and generate ideas to best serve our patients throughout this province. Thank you to Rick Nicklechok and the MOU Working Group who put a great effort into revising this document over the course of many months.

Committees Updates

Please visit the Committee webpages once you login to your Member profiles on the POABC website. These webpages are updated often when there is information to share with the Membership. A couple highlights include:

-Government relations continue to be a high priority for POABC. Many meetings have taken place including WorkSafe BC and Pharmacare. If you have concerns or ideas, please use the Forums online to contribute to the creation of agenda topics when POABC speaks to these funding groups.

-With assistance from Mark Jiles, our lobbyist consultant, POABC has sent letters to Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction as well as a Ministry of Health. Both to which did provide responses from their offices; POABC is determining the next steps to keep communicating with these government officials.

-The POABC Newsletter continues to be novel as we are still in single digit editions. It is a resource for the Members to have easy access to information and guide you to other places within our website for you to explore. I ask you to consider following, liking and engaging with POABC online via Facebook; what a great way to promote the profession and share stories that matter to you and patients.

In closing, I would like to say that POABC remains active from the countless hours of volunteer time from so many individuals. For all of your hard work I thank you immensely! Please consider chatting with your co-workers and colleagues (administrators, specialists, prosthetist, orthotists, technicians, etc.) about the important work that POABC is striving to achieve; recruiting new Members would be the biggest help the general Membership could offer.

Respectfully submitted,

Amber Major, MSc, CO(c)

POABC President