Limb Replacement

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Other than a family doctor, a Prosthetist is usually a patient's longest serving and most frequently visited healthcare partner. Many young amputees work with the same Prosthetist throughout their growing years and into adulthood. Our completely unique skill set, as the only specialists in this field, enables us to apply a broad knowledge of prosthetic componentry and materials technology to produce anatomical and biomechanical function.


Prosthetists are an integral part of a rehabilitation team; working closely with surgeons, primary care physicians and physiotherapists to ensure rehabilitation goals are met and maximum function is achieved.


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Overview of Prosthetic Services and Technologies:

Here are some common treatments that we provide and medical conditions that we treat.




Medical conditions that Prosthetists treat


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Prosthetists and Orthotists have the rare ability to connect their patients’ needs with the most appropriate devices and treatment to become functioning participants in society.