BC’s Prosthetic and Orthotic Education

Highly skilled and trained professionals


POABC and its members are committed to advancing education and clinical practices. Their broad scope of training provides the highest levels of patient care available. It is often described that Prosthetists and Orthotists are part doctor, therapist and biomechanical engineer.


In Canada, after completing a recognized Baccalaureate degree with specific academic requirements, one must complete an intensified two year Clinician program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Burnaby, BC or at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. Applicants to these programs are highly scrutinized for excellent communication proficiencies, maturity and a unique combination of academic and technical skills.


In order to produce Clinicians with the critical thinking required to conduct effective clinical assessments, the curriculum blends Medical and Biomechanical engineering principles. The resulting positive outcomes are seeing more and more patients increasing their functionality.




New Educational Opportunity


A recent collaboration between the BCIT and George Brown Prosthetic and Orthotic Programs with the University of British Columbia and McMaster University provides students with the unique opportunity to complete a Masters of Rehabilitation Science and the P&O Clinical Program concurrently.


There are currently 11 students enrolled in the combined program. This educational advancement in the prosthetics and orthotics field will enhance the clinical skills with new approaches in evidence‐based practice and collaborative research across health functions.

Post Graduation, students enter a two year paid Residency in either Orthotics or Prosthetics before sitting for the National CBCPO Certification Exams. Upon successful completion, the Orthotist, C.O.(c) or Prosthetist, C.P.(c) is able to independently practice anywhere in Canada or Internationally.